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The beach and the marine area

Boundless blue embraces the city on one side: it's Pineto's sea Blue, crystalline, low seabeds make every single bathe really enjoyable. For this reason every year Pineto wins the Blue Flag of Europe and EMAS certificate. The sandy shoreline boasts a range beaches perfect for all tastes: a beach with facilities, a shingle beach and the wilder beach of the " Marine Protected Area". The marine area is situated in Pineto and spreads out along 7 km of coastline and runs along the cycling lane and the promenade. Thanks to the program of environmental protection and to the network of submarine oases, in the last few years it has been possible to safeguard, restock and study the marine ecosystem.

The mirror of water of the Marine Protected Area "Torre del Cerrano" offers two different but interrelated natural typologies. One is the typical sandy beds of the Adriatic sea which characterizes the widest part of the area. The other one is the small parts of cliff on the seabed due to the presence of half-submerged rocks of the ancient port of Atri, to the submerged structures of the Marine Protection Oasis of the provincial department and to the surfacing of some geological conglomerate formations.

In the marine area there is a wide variety of marine species, both pelagic and benthonic, and a small group of vegetable species, moreover the area is marked by the presence of unusual and particular avifauna species like the Kentish Plover a rare migratory bird that lives and nests on the dunes from April to the end of September, coming back every Spring to lay its eggs.


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